Sunday, December 30, 2007

The kids got to open one present on Christmas Eve! New Jammies of course!

Here is kayls eating spagattios and making a mess of them .. She sure loves to make a mess.

ever changing

Well, we have been in Rexburg for almost 3 years now. That is a long time for us. We are selling our house and moving to the Phoenix area. Sub-zero temperatures are freezing us out. A change of scenery and lifestyle are well needed at this time in our lives. We are very excited to go. I think we've had enough of the small town experience. TJ is still running his own framing business for now and doing teambuilders of coarse. I'm still at home with the kids and workin on keeping the house spotless just in case we get a phone call for someone to look at the house. I have fun spending time with friends and trying to begin scrapbooking.
The kids are getting bigger and are really starting to be their own persons. It is fun to see Hayden grow. He loves movies and with the cold here it's hard to not let him watch movies and play games on the computer all day. :) That was a mistake to introduce those computer games to him because he would play them all day if I let him and often times the computers get messed up because little hands click on whatever. You can see both mom and dad in him. He loves to paint and help daddy at work. He helps mom clean up his things all over the house and clears his own dishes off the table. What a good helper. He is even eating all his food at dinner trying to become a better and improved "Buzz Lightyear". The broccoli helps his lazer light go farther, the potatoes give his shoes speed and the chicken helps him fly better. :)
Kayla is just a ball of fun. She is saying please and thank you , ball, Dada and she tries saying just about anything you throw her way. She calls mommy, "Daddy". She has to be a tough girl to play with Hayden and thank goodness for that. She's walking around kinda drunk looking, but getting better. She loves to help put clothes in the dryer and putting her dishes away. She has a goofy little personality that keeps us all laughing.

Uncle Chad and Hayden built a sled ramp to go off the deck. I have to admit it didn't work that well...but Hayden had a great time and I think Chad did as well.