Friday, January 11, 2008

Steph's cooking for Turkey Day in the kitchen. Clayton and Camea came all the way from Boise for a few days...what a blast! I think Kayla is going to be a talker on the phone one day...what do you think?
What a hair day Kayla is having....just getting ready for church...I know...her hair isn't done yet. Hayden and Kayla love olives. Hayden is watching a movie with is favorite Jersey on. He loves it, even if it's 3 sizes too big. LOL You should see Kayla cruise around the bowling alley. She rolls the ball and 2 sec. later she's out of there checking on the bowlers next to us.
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Marco & Meredith said...

we LOVE the new pics..... and we laughed and laughed at the water bed vid. at the bottom of the screen... SO funny!!

The Richins said...

You're kids are so cute! Looks like you guys have a lot fun! Take care!!
The Richins

Clayton and Camea said...

Yeah! Now I get to look at silly pics of you guys! It's absolutley fabulous, and amazing too! Oh yeah, and thanks for letting us know you have a blog!